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    Konstantinos Hiotis migrated at a very young age after the national palingenesis. In particular, he was installed in Varna, Bulgary which was built near the ancient Greek colony of Odessa and constituted the most important economic centre of the era. Spirit of discernment and creative, as genuine Tsakonas, achieved great things on a business level by creating the largest distillery unit in the region, while a significant number of residents in Leonidio worked for him. His wife Aggeliki was fellow traveler at this course, while they did not have any children. 

    However, they have adopted the eight year old, fatherless, nephew of his wife, Michalis Sioras that they brought up like their own child. In the mid nineteenth century almost, having acquired a significant fortune, Konstantinos Hiotis has assigned to Michalis to supervise the operation of his business and has decided with his wife to return to his birthplace. There, under the red rock of Leonidio was built his mansion house and stayed until the end of his life. 

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  • Architecture,Archontiko Chioti, Boutique Hotel & Spa in Leonidio


    In the picturesque Leonidio which is the capital of Tsakonia is situated the Mansion House of Hiotis, where its construction started in 1860 and was completed in 1864 by the noble businessman Konstantinos Hiotis with registered office of his businesses Varna in the Black Sea, in order to be used as a residence when he was visiting Leonidio at regular intervals.

    Almost 160 years later, the magnificent mansion building was completely restored in a unique way, so that its most characteristics (ceiling paintings, wall paintings, wall decorations, wooden ceilings, laths from wood and stone, wooden delicate casings, ceramic tiles with depictions) which specify the imposing appearance of the building to be maintained, to be repaired and to be brought out, as is proper to the rich history of the mansion house which constitutes a genuine model of the architectural heritage of Leonidio. 

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  • Η λειτουργία του Ξενοδοχείου μας έχει εναρμονιστεί με τα Ειδικά Υγειονομικά Πρωτόκολλα που ορίστηκαν με την υπ'αριθ. 1881/29-5-2020 (ΦΕΚ Β΄2084/2020) Απόφαση των Υπουργών Υγείας και Τουρισμού με σκοπό την προστασία της Δημόσιας Υγείας λόγω του COVID-19.
  • Συνακόλουθα, έχει χορηγηθεί στο Ξενοδοχείο μας από το Ξενοδοχειακό Επιμελητήριο Ελλάδος, το Σήμα Πιστοποίησης "Health First" με εξατομικευμένο Πρωτόκολλο Υγειονομικού περιεχομένου σύμφωνα με τις σχετικές οδηγίες του Ε.Ο.Δ.Υ. και του Υπουργείου Τουρισμού.
  • Παράλληλα, στην κατεύθυνση της ατομικής, επαγγελματικής και κοινωνικής ευθύνης, το σύνολο των εργαζομένων στο Ξενοδοχείο μας είναι πλήρως εμβολιασμένο.